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Matrimonio e Fotografia is the only blog about photography exclusively for brides. Here you’ll discover how to create beautiful memories of the most important day of your life.

Why this blog?

Every bride wants to remember her wedding as the most beautiful day of her life. That’s what photography should do: let you relive the same emotions of that magical day. Unfortunately, finding the right photographer for your needs is not easy at all.

What if it’s one of those guys that kidnaps you for hours, turning away completely from your party and your guests? How can you possibly know if every important moment will be captured? What happens if you do not like the photos, afterward? What if they look too forced or unnatural?

When looking for a photographer for your wedding, the only yardstick you have is the pictures he makes. The problem is that a picture alone (or even a dozen, for that matter), can’t answer all the doubts you might have.

Above all, online you’ll find a huge amount of wedding photos and the only thing you can do is judge them according to your personal tastes. But to your doubts? No answer whatsoever.

I am married too and I found myself in the situation of having to choose a photographer that’d have lived up to my expectations. So I know what it means to have certain doubts and insecurities because I had them too.

That’s why this blog was born. When it comes to your wedding, you can’t risk that some important moments are ruined and you can’t certainly risk that the pictures you’ll get won’t reflect you, you two as a couple, your tastes …and, above all, your expectations.

With the right knowledge, the right advice and the answer to all your doubts or concerns, you can rest assured that you’ll have at your side the right photographer for you, someone who cares about your desires. Most importantly, you’ll make sure you’ll have pictures to be proud of and that’ll make you relieve the same magical moments of that special day.

Who's behind Matrimonio e Fotografia?

I am Federico Lanuto and I helped a hundred couples to capture their wedding day. I practically grew up in this environment because my father did this job before me and he passed on this passion to me, since I was a child.

One day I was with him in the studio to present a photo album to a couple. In saying goodbye, I remember the bride telling us, with her voice broken by the emotion: “Thank you for giving life to our memories”. That was the moment I realized that I was not just doing a job but that my photographs could somehow enrich people’s lives. And that’s what I want for you too.

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