The mistake every bride makes when choosing their wedding photographer

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You are getting married and one of the many things you have to think about is choosing the photographer who will immortalize the moments of your wedding. There are so many around and maybe you thought that, to be on the safe side, you have to find the photographer with the most beautiful photos of all.

Here, this is the mistake that make all the brides: choose the photographer based only on his shots. Why do I say it’s a mistake? Because you completely ignore other fundamental aspects that make your big day be told in an extraordinary way. In my career I photographed a hundred couples and I understood one important thing: do you know what makes a photo shoot really unique? Contrary to what you think, it is not only the shots with a beautiful light, the suggestive location or a creative shot, but it is the spontaneity that transpires in every picture.

Looking at you and your husband in the picture that you hold in your hands and think: “those are us, that is me, beautiful and excited on our wedding day …”. This is what really makes the difference.

You see yourself through photographs that tell all the unmissable moments of the most important day of your life and try again the same emotions, as if you were living them again. This is what really matters. A look, a smile, a tear, the first dance, the hug with dad. Every single emotion contained in a shot that you will carry with you forever.

These are the photographs that you can not wait to show everyone, without the fear of being judged, because you look and like you, because they tell you, your couple and the real emotions of your magical day.

How can you get these photos too? How do you overcome the embarrassment of feeling the spotlight on you and appear spontaneous? The problem is not you. It is the photographer who makes the difference. The photographer must be discreet, calm, confident, must guide you and, above all, must be able to make you feel at ease. A good photographer can not be judged only by his shots. A good photographer is first of all a person who understands the uniqueness of the bride in front of him. Because every bride is different. Every bride has her needs, her tastes, her expectations and her fears. A good photographer is a person who knows how to grasp these differences, knows how to understand them, knows how to listen.

A good photographer is someone who is able to create a bond with you, someone who can do that since the very first meeting. You can’t get great wedding photos if there is not this kind of relationship between you two. Otherwise, you can risk having photos that are cold, look fake and are far from being spontaneous.

Having photos that do not represent you not only means making a wrong investment but, above all, it means risking to ruin the memories of the most important day of your life. The nightmare of any bride. That’s why if you want to have great photos of your wedding, then what you have to do is paying attention not only to the photos of the professional but also paying attention to the person who will take them.

During the first meeting with the professional, do not be thrilled only by his art. Instead, put your focus on him. How does he make you feel? Is he trustworthy? Is he someone who makes you feel comfortable and does not embarrass you? Is he the kind of professional who only talks about his past jobs and marriages or asks about you, what you like, about the photos you would like to have on the album?

Pay attention to these details and you will understand if the photographer in front of you is the right one for you. Because before the photo shoot there is the story of the people that those shots have to tell but that without knowing it can not be told. So, now you know: when you look for the perfect photographer to capture the moments of the most beautiful day of your life, the key word is Empathy. This will guarantee you the extraordinary story of your wedding day.

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