8 questions you can ask wedding photographers to know which one is the best for you

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When was the last time you said: “Today everything went well”? Well, if you’re like me maybe you thought: “never!” Too often, in fact, we’ve got to deal with obstacles that we never thought we’d encounter.

When it comes to the wedding day, the very last thing you’d want is surprises. You want to be in control. Your worst fear is having something that could possibly ruin the most beautiful day in your life. However, sometimes bad things can happen and your wedding day can quickly become an event people will remember as something to laugh at.

Unfortunately, bad things can happen and there’s no guarantee that can keep them away from your wedding day. You just need to hope that they won’t happen. But don’ fret, there’s something we can do to at least minimize the risk of having bad surpises: work with true professionals.

Here are 8 questions you must ask photographers before choosing one.

1. What kind of photographs do you make?

It is important to understand if the style of the photographer is in line with your taste. Every photographer has his style. There are those who do reportages, the photographer that prefer a classic style, the one who likes posing, those who have a more eccentric style. Different styles give different results and will also influence their way of working.

For example, in reportage wedding photography, the photographer is a “reporter” who documents your day capturing natural and spontaneous moments without ever telling the couple what to do. He will do the job in total discretion without bothering or abducting you from your relatives. A photographer with a more eccentric style, however, will probably ask you to pose in more creative ways than normal. With this question, you can understand what style the photographer has and if it suits you and your taste.

2. Will YOU take the pictures?

This question, to which the answer may seem obvious, is in fact fundamental. A lot of photography studios have more than one photographer working inside and, very often, it happens that the bride agrees with one of them, only to find someone else on the wedding day. For a photographer this may not be a problem, but for the bride? Not so. Why? Because she will find herself being photographed by a complete stranger she has never seen before. Finding yourself with a stranger can sometimes be really embarrassing, especially if you’re shy.

So if you do not want to have surprises like this, be sure to ask this question to the photographer you will meet. No matter how good he is, it’s kinda hard to actually build a good relationship only on the wedding day.

3. How will you plan the day?

With the tools you have available today, it is not difficult to take good pictures. In fact, there are many people who, after some good shots that get a few likes on social networks, they think out of the blue that they can become wedding photographers too. If you don’t want bad surprises, be sure to rely on a specialized professional who has the right skills. One who knows how to manage the day in a way only a professional can do. This question will allow you to understand if you are in front of a real professional or just a wannabe photographer.

4. Does your service have a time limit?

This question will allow you to understand if all the moments of the day will be captured. In fact, many photographers that set time limits to their services may miss some important moments of the party. Setting time limits means the possibility of missing the complete story of the most important day of your life. Your wedding day is a unique day and it must be experienced to the end.

5. If you have an unexpected event and you can’t show up on the wedding day, what are you going to do?

What happens if the photographer of your wedding get sick the day before the wedding and can not show up? A professional must always be able to guarantee the photo shoot, whatever happens. That’s why a good professional always has a plan B. So, ask him this question to understand how he will handle a similar eventuality. Does he have a photographer who replaces him in these cases? This is something that is good to understand in time. It’s not like you can “postpone” your wedding day.

6. Will you give us all the files?

Having the digital files will allow you to print all the copies you want, even those photos that you did not include in your wedding album. Make sure, however, that the files are high in resolution, otherwise the prints will be bad.

7. When will the project be delivered?

There are photographers that take six months, others can take even a year to deliver a project. In reality, you should be able to get your wedding pictures within 3 or 4 months from the wedding (both digital and printed). So, make sure that on the agreement you’re going to sign there’s a clear deadline and, above all, that the professional respects it!

8. Will a contract be signed?

There are many photographers who do not create contracts that protect their clients. But what happens if the professional does not respect the deadline? Or if the cost you remember is different from the bill you received? A contract is created for both your protection and the photographer’s. In fact, in the contract should be included:

  • the wedding date
  • cost of the service
  • chosen products
  • initial deposit
  • deadline

If you don’t want to have bad surprises it is better to hire a photographer who stipulates a contract with you and stay away from those who say: “I do not usually make contracts with customers”.

Here are the 8 questions you can ask a potential photographer so you can better decide if he is the right one for you. However, during the appointment do not limit yourself only to these questions. Ask him everything that comes to your mind, never think of asking stupid questions; it is the day of your wedding that we are talking about—tnothing can be left out to chance. If you have doubts, fears or uncertainties, please let him know. If you do not understand something, ask for clarifications, during your wedding you will not have time to ask for explanations.

And don’t forget to tell him all your requests. If, for example, you want particular shots, or if you want some guest to be shown on your photographs more than once (your best friend, your grandmother who takes care of you since you were born, and so on). Every need you might have must be heard. A good photographer has a duty to understand what your needs are so he can translate them into beautiful pictures.

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